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​Immigration / Deportation Defense

We specialize in family-based immigration, humanitarian visas, and deportation defense.  If you would like to petition for a family member, become a citizen, apply for a humanitarian visa as the victim of a crime, domestic violence, or persecution, or have a case against you in immigration court, call us for an appointment.  At the initial consultation, we will advise you as to what immigration benefits you are eligible for, tell you the steps that will follow, and tell you what the cost will be for each step of the way.

Employment Law

​We hold employers accountable if an employee is harassed or discriminated, not paid fully for minimum wage and overtime, and not compensated properly for a work-related injury.  You should be treated with dignity and respect at work.  If you report an issue to your employer, you should not face retaliation.  We frequently litigate employment cases in federal court and will prosecute your case vigorously.

​​Attorneys at Law

We specialize in the following areas of law.  If you have a case involving a different area, we will evaluate your case or provide you with a referral for another attorney.

Personal Injury / Auto Accident

​An injury caused by a car accident, slip and fall, or medical negligence can be devastating.  Medical expenses and loss of work can be overwhelming.  We work hard to ensure that the at-fault party compensates you fully for your injuries.  Don't have health insurance?  Talk to us about finding a doctor for you.  We don't use case managers like the large firms.  An attorney will handle your case personally and communicate with you frequently about your case.  You matter to us.